World’s Largest Projection Dome

by Radhe Gupta

What was the world’s largest projection Dome? 

Las Vegas local projection mapping business Lumen & Forge were tasked by AG entertainment with designing, building, and producing content to run the world’s largest dome in Atlanta. The multi-day event which featured performances from prolific rappers and musicians was a showcase for the 2019 superbowl. The dome itself was 225 ft x 175ft with a whopping 40,000 sq ft. of screen space and illuminated by twenty-four 18K laser projectors giving the audience surrounding vibrant imagery. The event itself ran for 3 days while technicians from Lumen & Forge VJed the entire showcase. 

How was this made? 

Lumen & Forge was able to set up the entire dome which was a multi-stage process that started with creating the dome, which was made by Broadwell Airdomes USA. The process took over two months from start to finish. The dome retains a “pill” shape allowing seamless and flush projection. The structure is supported by internal scaffolding which is covered by a film screen for the projections while the outside has a durable and resistant material layer for protection. Massive air conditioning units are brought in and hooked up so that the interior is a calm collected temperature. Finally, the 18K projectors are mounted to platforms or within the structure and aligned up to the correct dimensions for flush elegant visuals. The calibrations of the projectors took place just three days before the event was set to start, but the experts at Lumen & Forge were able to overcome these challenges in a short amount of time to put forth a spectacular show. 

(Photo of the Interior of the World’s Largest Projection Dome 2020 Source: Lumen and Forge)

What was the turnout? 

The event hosted upward to 60,000 people throughout the weekend. Many guests were blown away by the visuals produced as well as the quality of the production. The dome itself having a high ceiling made the venue feel more open and spacious even with a large crowd. The event was also attended by musical guests, Future, Megan Thee Stallion, and Gucci Mane. The dome itself was able to accommodate the function perfectly with ample space. Over the course of the event the structure was able to accommodate all of the crowd easily. The Dome itself easily handled the weather and all wear and tear an event of that size can cause while the production team was able to give a masterclass VJ lesson for the large turnout. 

Why is this important ?

This was the largest projection dome to date done for two years in a row in Atlanta. This is important because it shows us that it is easily achievable to create a full production venue to accommodate a crowd of any size. With the right aspirations and the correct budget anything can be obtained at a fraction of the cost of its traditional counterpart. This projection dome showed the world that anywhere can become a spectacular venue for a large crowd that’ll be capable of being the highlight of the month. Domes are soon going to become the future of entertainment. They can be easily transported to locations with easy setup that are able to accommodate a large crowd safely and comfortably.

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