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Why Portable Fridges Are A Great Investment For Your Caravan Trips

by Radhe Gupta

A majority of Australians take up regular caravan trips and domestic camping across the country, especially after the restrictions were relaxed last year. For those who are fond of the outdoors, having a portable fridge like the Bushman fridges is great for the long road trips and summers in the Australian wildlands. And with Aussies’ love for caravan trips rising in popularity, having a good quality portable fridge might not be a bad idea after all.

One of the key items that every camping trip involves is food. Consumables and perishables make up for some of the important things which might also include medicines too. Having a portable fridge taken along on a camping trip can help keep these perishables from spoiling and wasting money. Suffice to say, portable fridges are a must-have if campers want to keep their beers cold and their food fresh.

Portable Fridges/Freezers: Best Benefits 

Tired of conventional freezers that always need a refill? Portable freezers/fridges are the best alternatives and many Aussie campers are on the lookout for these on their next camping trip. Take a look at some of the reasons listed below as to why portable fridges are an essential item for caravan owners: 

1. They Are Versatile: Portable fridges like those of Bushman fridges can be hooked up to a battery source or a generator and they’ll provide regular cooling throughout the whole trip. Instead of refilling ice like conventional freezers, portable fridges have a small freezer compartment to store ice cubes, cold drinks and ice creams. Plus, they can also come in handy in shops, indoor events and other small gatherings. Campers who are not buying portable fridges to keep the drinks cool under the scorching Australian heat are surely missing out. 

2. They Are Compact: Some of the conventional freezers available in the Australian market are large enough to take up a lot of space in the caravan. Owing to their size, they are difficult to carry around too making them unsuitable for long trips across the country. This is where portable fridges shine through. Compact enough to fit in any space in the caravan, they are light in weight and can be carried around without much effort. Additionally, they don’t take up much space either and can fit perfectly in the cupboard or the back. 

3. Modern Portable Fridges Come With A Lot of Additional Features: Extra features like temperature control, reversible doors, led lighting and energy efficiency make portable fridges a good device for their value. It also makes them easier to use and highly functional for campers of all ages. 

 4. They Are Durable: Portable fridges are built in such a way that they are sturdier than regular fridges and can last for years with proper maintenance. They are less susceptible to mould and deterioration of interior sealing. With improved temperature control, portable fridges are less likely to wear out, providing adequate cooling without any wastage of electricity. Most portable fridges are designed to bear outdoor usage to a certain degree. Not to mention how they are built with less electricity consumption in mind, reducing the toll on the caravan’s battery supply or the generator. If the caravan has solar panels installed, even better.

5. Several Variants In The Market: Many portable fridges are available in several different sizes and power capacities. Caravan owners can choose one according to their specific needs and preferences. Don’t forget that no matter the size, they all perform well and can withstand a significant amount of wear, making them one of the most reliable devices for any caravan trip in Australia.

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