What’s The Difference Between a Coffin and A Casket?

by Radhe Gupta

Coffins and caskets may seem similar, but actually, they are not! Although the terms coffin and casket are alternatively used when referring to the burial boxes that hold the ashes or body of the deceased, the two vary. The most straightforward way to tell the difference between the two is by looking at the appearance. Technically speaking, coffins are usually hexagonal-shaped with pushed-out shoulders. On the other hand, caskets have 4 sides and are rectangular-shaped.  

What Is a Casket?

A casket is a uniquely designed box whose sole purpose is to contain the body or ashes of a deceased person, usually to allow for viewing and burial of the departed.

Different Prices Between Caskets and Coffins

Price is a common factor used in setting caskets and coffins apart. Usually, coffins will cost you less than a casket because of this tapered shape that will need less wood to build it. So, you’re financially constrained, coffins may be an excellent choice for you!

 On the other hand, Caskets are more expensive because they are made with high-quality wood and metal, lined with finer material, interior trimmings, and cushions. With a double lid, caskets, like those from Titan Casket, are made to allow you to choose between upper body viewing or open casket viewing; this is reflected in the price of the casket.

The difference in Material Used to Make Coffins and Caskets

Generally, coffins are made of MDF wood, with a flat lid and handle on the sides for easy lifting. On the other hand, Caskets are made from high-quality materials, typically wood and metal. Wood caskets can either be solid or veneer. Solid wood comprises a single woodblock, while veneer refers to various slices of wood put together and shaped into a casket.

 When it comes to metal caskets, there are varied options to choose from. You can opt for available metal gauges if the thickness is something you want to focus on. A lower metal gauge means the casket is thicker and probably heavier. Metal caskets can also come in seals hence the term gasket caskets- the seal will keep out air, moisture, and water to ensure the body remains in good condition before burial.

Which Is More Popular?

Planning a funeral requires you to decide whether to buy a coffin or a casket. Caskets are by far more common and readily available than coffins. You will find caskets readily available at funeral homes and casket shops. Although all funeral homes are mandated by law to accept your choice for a coffin or casket, whether you purchased it from them or not, this is the case with some cemeteries. Be sure to consult with the cemetery you intend to inter your loved one if they accommodate coffins.

Do I Choose a Coffin or Casket?

Whether to choose a casket or coffin is dependent on you! You can be buried however you want, but there are considerations such as variations in price, type of material used to make the coffin, and caskets.

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