by Radhe Gupta

Vaping devices such as e-cigarettes and e-vaporizers that resemble traditional cigarettes, pipes or even a pen or USB are used as alternatives for smoking. There are vaping devices in different designs and appearances. But most of these devices operate in the same manner and have similar components. Above 460 varieties of e-cigarettes are currently available on the market. Vaping is not as easy as smoking a cigarette. But it can be made easier with the proper tools. A vaping device comes with vape tools that have unique purposes. One can get an everything-all-in-one tool kit or choose to buy the tools separately and assemble them on themselves. Now, let us look at a few things one should know about vaping. 

How Does it Work?

Most vaping devices consist of four components: a cartridge, an atomizer, a battery and the mouthpiece. The cartridge, also called pod or reservoir, holds the e-juice or e-liquid containing the flavourings. The atomizer is the heating element, and the battery is the power source for the device. People use the mouthpiece to inhale the vapour produced. Puffing will activate the heating device, and the e-liquid will get vapourised. The process of inhaling this vapour or aerosol thus produced is called vaping. 

Vaping Tools

To vape properly, one should know how to use the vape tools. An all-in-one the vape tool kit will have the following components in it. Every one of them has its purposes. With the proper use of all these tools, vaping could be made easier. 

  1. Micro-screwdrivers
  2. Folding Scissors
  3. Bent Nose Tweezers
  4. Ceramic Tweezers
  5. Needle Nose Pliers
  6. Coil Jig
  7. Ohm Meter
  8. Resistance Wires
  9. Organic Cotton
  10. Multi-tool Screwdriver

E-liquid Flavours

Along with all these tools, one thing that should not be forgotten is getting the best e-liquid flavours for vaping. E-juices of many different flavours are now available on the market, and it is hard to decide which one to try out at first. For people who don’t like the fruity flavours, the USA blend is a good option. It will give one the perfect feeling of having a cigarette. 

The flavour called Gummy Bear offers different levels of flavour with every adjustment. To feel the taste of mother’s food, better go for Banana Nut Bread. The exquisite flavour of Blue Raz Cotton Candy is of extreme sweetness one would crave. The smooth flavour of Peach Green Tea will perfectly ease people’s souls. Other extreme fruit flavours and cocktail-inspired flavours are also available on the market. Flavours like RipTide offer a blend of fruit and mint, making it the perfect flavour for people who love blended flavours. For one who would like to switch from smoking to cigarettes, flavours like Swagger and Peach Pit Tobacco are the best.  

Things to Remember

There are few things one should keep in mind while buying a vaping device. Design, performance, and portability are the three prime factors one should consider. Every vaper has its preferences and may look for different aspects of the device. Not to disappoint these vapers with varied priorities, plenty of options are available for designs and flavours. 

One with the portability and ease-of-use of a pen is the best vaping device one could have. Make sure that it has good battery life. Vaping devices with eye-catching designs are also available. Lightweight vapes are also preferred the most.

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