Counter-Top Sinks

Top 3 Types of Counter-Top Sinks to Get When Remodelling Your Bathroom

by Radhe Gupta

Maybe you are trying to revamp your bathroom this season, or perhaps you have a broken sink that you want to replace. Either way, a counter top basin will make your bathroom look infinitely more aesthetic. 

These sinks are not only practical but also have an easy installation capability. It is economical and gives your bathroom a well-deserved boost. 

Most importantly, the Australian market has numerous options for such countertops. Hence, it can become daunting to choose. 

This article lists the top sinks that will look incredible with any bathroom design. Feel free to select the design that intrigues you. 

#1. Hanging Sink 

These sinks will not require floor support. They are not only space-efficient but cost-effective too. Furthermore, these washbasins are the most common due to their wall-mounted essence. 

Hanging sink types will either be corner or flat-sided. It is perfect for small bathrooms where you might not have enough space to fit a luxury counter top basin. These sinks will need sturdy brackets that protrude from the walls. 

#2. Vessel Sink 

Do you have a floating countertop with a base cabinet? Then, a vessel sink will be an attractive addition. Even if these sinks are a recent addition to homes, it provides optimal support to your bathroom. 

These sinks have a bowl with a small drain in the middle. You can choose between ceramic, glass, and metal if you want customisation. 

It has a decorative element and perfectly features luxury bathrooms featuring graphite counters. 

#3. Under-mounted Sink 

If you are looking for an eye-catching and stylish design, you should choose an under-mounted sink. These basins work well with stone countertops and look aesthetically pleasing due to the clean lines. 

These basins have the body mounted on the underside while only the upper part is visible. You can have under-mounted sinks custom-made with stainless steel, copper, or porcelain. A great way to fully utilise its uniqueness is slightly overlapping the countertop stone with the sink’s corners. 

The Benefit of Installing a Counter Top Basin

Irrespective of the design you select, these countertop sinks will enhance any bathroom design. You will find these basins to be helpful and exciting because of the unique anatomy they possess. 

These basins combine the modern, practical, and traditional essence to create something unique. 

Most households will feature bathrooms with such washbasins. It is famous because of the unique benefits, like: 

  • Practicality 
  • Ease of usage 
  • Multiple styles and designs 
  • Easy installation 
  • Large enough, yet compact

In addition, it has hidden plumbing, and you can customise each design with a material that you like. Indeed, such a basin would enhance the look of your bathroom. 

The Bottom Line 

A counter top basin is a perfect enhancement to your bathroom because of its practicality and compactness. Even though it is compact, the large enough body allows proper drainage. At the same time, you will find the styles and designs to be intriguing and daunting. 

To choose the right sink, you need to look at your bathroom design and choose either vessel sinks or a hanging sink. 

If you want an under-mounted basin, your bathroom needs to have an unparalleled style. So, are you ready to install this and enhance your bathroom’s aesthetics while maintaining practicality? 

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