The Ultimate Guide To IMDG Code

by Vinay Kumar

It’s one of the biggest pet peeves for any web designer or developer: “I’ve never seen this before, what does it mean?”

The answer to this question might be found within an IMDG Code. IMDG codes are 7-digit codes that are used by industries like movie theatres to track the identification of an object. They can tell you who manufactured this product when it was manufactured, and how many units were made. It helps retailers know if they need more inventory on hand. IMDG codes can even identify if a counterfeit item is being furtively sold in their establishment.

IMDG codes are also known by the names GS1, UCC/EAN however you can bet that if you see one on a product it will be called upon your screen as an IMDG code.

The IMDG code is composed of three parts: a 6 digit Global Trade Identification Number (GTIN), a 2-digit checksum, and a 3-digit Top Level Identifier (TLC). These three numbers are separated by dashes or spaces depending on the configuration of the scanner. When reading an IMDG code always start at the right side of the barcode. Read from right to left until you reach the first space or dash. Then read the information to the left of the dash or space.

It’s no wonder that so many web designers are confused about IMDG codes when they search “how to read barcodes”. This lack of clear and concise information has led to people searching for answers like:

  • Barcode scanner: How do I read this code?
  • What does an IMDG code mean?
  • How do you make sure your barcode is correct?

I’m not a computer programmer and I don’t know how to use IMDG codes, can you help me?

Sometimes it is best to search for the answer on a forum. Forums like Yahoo! Answers are great resources that can benefit you if you know how to get the most out of them. The problem is that searching for an answer on a forum can be time-consuming and getting quality answers can be hit or miss. The other issue with forums like Yahoo! Answers is that you don’t get direct access to the person helping you, which means no follow-up questions or any further discussion. It’s important to ask follow-up questions even if you get an answer because things can get lost in translation.

The Ultimate Guide To IMDG Codes addresses this problem by giving you all the information you need to read IMDG codes with confidence.

At the end of the article, you will find a list of video clips that will show how to read various barcodes. These videos are not just for entertainment purposes. By watching them, you will learn about IMDG codes and be able to use them on your own projects.

Table of contents:

Introduction to barcodes, how they work, and what do they mean.

A complete guide to reading IMDG code. What are the differences between barcode types? How is each typically marked up? And how do you apply the marks appropriately?

Master list of IMDG codes. Some codes are used by more than one industry, some are universal while some are specifically for use on the printed matter only. This list will help you find what you need in seconds rather than hours of searching. It will save you frustrating hours dealing with incorrect information.

A list of free android barcode apps that will allow you to read the National Product Code (NPC) Code, Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) code, International Standard Book Number (ISBN), International Article Number (EAN), UCC/EAN-128, Universal Product Code (UPC), Bookland EAN code, Industrial 2 of 5 barcode system, Interleaved 2 of 5 code, Matrix 2 code, Plessey Code, MSI Plessey code, Trioptic Code or Trioptic A/B Code.

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