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The Funniest Tech Support Calls

by Vinay Kumar

If you’ve ever called tech support, then chances are you’ve heard some pretty funny conversations. We wanted to share a few of the funniest ones that we have experienced in our time as customer service representatives!

– A woman called us because her mouse was on fire (it turned out she had left it next to something hot)

– One guy thought his computer’s USB connection was broken and he needed us to fix it even though he was literally sitting right in front of his computer

– Another lady couldn’t figure out how to turn off the sound on her laptop when I told her “just press your mute button”***

– One of our favorite entries was a customer who had been emailing with us about his new computer.

We emailed him back and forth for quite some time, but despite all the troubleshooting steps we suggested he try on his end nothing seemed to work. Finally, after one week where he received no reply from us because it somehow got lost in spam filter, when we contacted him again he responded that his issue was now fixed! We followed up with more questions and found out what really happened: The customer had actually purchased a used laptop off ebay to refurbish himself as an early Christmas present – not realizing that this particular model (not being sold by Dell) does not come preloaded with Windows operating system software so there would be no way to install it and the computer would be completely useless.

He wanted us to make a donation in his name to some charity, but that wasn’t really something we could do for him because he didn’t actually purchase anything from Dell or agree with our Terms of Service within the original email correspondence where he had been asking about how much this laptop cost.

But at least now everyone can laugh together! Read on below for more tales of tech support hilarity:

– A customer called into tell me her new DVD player was making an “unusual noise.” I proceeded through troubleshooting steps until she mentioned that when you plug it in there is a sound like “a cat being stepped on” followed by another sound like “an ambulance.”

– “All my music is gone, how do I get it back?”

The customer had forgotten to plug her iPod into the computer before she reformatted their hard drive.

“I cannot send any email because Outlook keeps telling me ‘There was an error sending your email.’ What can I do?”

It turned out that he didn’t have his account set up with a valid outgoing server address:

– “I need to know how I can make my computer go faster.”

He was running Windows XP on a Pentium III processor. It wasn’t going to get any better with time.

“Can you help me set up the dial-up?” He had never used his modem before and thought he could do it himself, but needed us because this is what we’re here for!

The funniest tech support tales are often told by our customers themselves–our posts come from real life! So next time you call in for assistance be sure to have your camera ready so that if we post about your story later, there will be photographic evidence of the hilarity that ensued.

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