by Radhe Gupta

In an increasingly digital world, prints running out of business is a nightmarish discussion for the romantics. The cosy texture of the squiggly fonts and the familiar scent of paper.

The comforting sight of a printed paper trumps all the futuristic scenarios technocrats love to paint. Presses invest in short stack printing because they are well aware of the influence that information circulated on a piece of paper can have on people.


Anything can be printed en masse. While terms and conditions will apply for the pricing and sizing scenario, realistically speaking, short stack printing is possible for a wide variety of products. The most common types of printing involve stationery for business. 


. Business Cards

A professional from any field will explain how easy it is to carry a pack of business cards everywhere. When networking, it saves the effort of taking the phone and maybe saving it, but a business card stays snug in the wallet. The cooler the font, the better. Patrick Bateman can vouch for that.

. Compliment slip

Everyone has their favourite small business store. Every order feels extra special because of the little notes they slip in with the products. There are handwritten ones, and then there are the personalised slip templates. With the right template, the second one saves time and wins hearts.

. Presentation folders

The presentation is due in probably 6 hours. Nobody has the time to work it out. But the first impression of the client will be solidified in a few minutes of handing out the documents. One can’t even rely on a template because not one company relies on their skills to create a layout. 

There are now options to customise a template following the requests to create a unique experience for the clientele.

. Office stamps

The exhaustion of having to sign over every document can even give way to Carpal Tunnel syndrome. Give those hands rest by aggressively jamming over every document with an official stamp. Make sure to get the kerning and colour right.


Personalised prints are making a comeback. People gift these to themselves and others as they best capture an emotion that cannot be conveyed in any other way.

. Postcards

What is classier? Getting heartbroken with a text? Or with a postcard? 

The heart is broken either way, but the postcard will remain as one moves on. Chivalry is not dead, surprisingly. To articulate one’s best thoughts, bank on the local short stack printing press to develop the prettiest postcards. 

. Greeting Cards

The old-world charm of the written word will survive another day with every birthday, wedding and anniversary. Greeting cards will have one feeling like a kid in a candy store, given the range of illustrations they come in.

. Bookmarks

Every book needs a separate bookmark. That’s the rule. Maybe more than one bookmark because it’s a harmless object. Even better is that one does not have to read books to get into bookmarks. There are plenty of designs for each occasion, and it will never run out of style.

There is a print for every mood. To think something can be both quant and useful is admirable of prints. The circle of life begins with a cell and ends in a short stack printing press.

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