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Reviewing Smart Social Distancing Tools – The Acrylic Sneeze Guard for Desk Use

by Ethan More

Sneeze guards were originally created to protect food in open-space dining areas (buffets, self-service restaurants, etc.). However, during and after the pandemic, sneeze guards have become one of the most useful protective kits in all types of situations. Sneeze guards aren’t just for offices, schools, or business locations.

From remote offices to schools to galleries – this protective tool is helpful in various situations. Let’s review this piece of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and discover whether it’s worth your consideration.

The Need for Cost-Effective Personal Protective Equipment

At the height of the pandemic, many were struggling financially. Not everyone could afford to spend money on social distancing tools and techniques. Sneeze guards became high-demand products because of their cost-efficiency. These protective barriers are made of Acrylic – a highly cost-effective material.

Acrylic sneeze guards can prevent all types of bacteria/viruses from spreading through the air. Users can create private safe spaces with these guards. The high-quality acrylic sneeze guards ensure that no germ or microparticle enters this safe space. That’s because acrylic sheets have tremendous impact strength and optical clarity.

Users can visually verify whether their sneeze guards are dirty or not. Plus, sneeze guards are flexible and easy to carry. As a material, Acrylic is also famous for its antimicrobial properties. People who can’t afford expensive PPE can buy and carry their low-cost sneeze guards everywhere they want.

Why Use Acrylic Screen Guards?

Acrylic is a plastic-based material. It’s much lighter than glass (50% lighter than standard glass) but far more impact-resistant. That’s why many medical devices feature durable, shatter-proof acrylic sheets. These sheets respond well to harsh weather conditions. They can resist up to 320°F heat without cracking.

What makes Acrylic the ideal material for creating a sneeze guard for desk use is its ease of cleaning. The waterproof and impact-resistant material is very easy to disinfect. Easy to disinfect means these guards are also easily reusable. Plus, sturdy acrylic sneeze guards rarely pick up scratches or abrasions.

The clear transparent acrylic surfaces allow workers to communicate outside their guarded environments. Sneeze guards made of plexiglass, another version of acrylic plastic, are equally protective and user-friendly. Plus, manufacturing plexiglass is cheaper than manufacturing Acrylic. Users who want to save extra money should opt for plexiglass screen guards.

How to Buy The Best Acrylic Sneeze Guards?

Consider these factors before purchasing acrylic sneeze guards –

  • Thickness: The sneeze guards should be thick enough to offer maximum protection for long periods. Flat acrylic guards that are too thin may bend or break after repeated use. The wider or taller your sneeze guard – the thicker it needs to be.
  • Installation: Clarify the sneeze guard installation process before finalizing your order. During installation, small cracks/scratches may appear on the sneeze guards. To avoid these issues, take maximum safety precautions.
  • Buy in Bulk: Sneeze guards for desks are useful in various settings – workspaces, classrooms, etc. Buy sneeze guards in bulk to get massive discounts. Install them across your office, classroom, or your home.

Acrylic sneeze guards are by far one of the best PPE tools in the market!

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