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MidHudson News: Managers Fired After Woman Forced to Wear Shirt That Said ‘I Lie and Cheat’

by Vinay Kumar

MidHudson News is a local news website that has recently fired two managers after an investigation revealed that they forced a woman to wear a t-shirt with the words “I lie and cheat.” The company’s CEO, David J. Huttleston, released this statement: “The actions of these two employees are in direct violation of our values as an organization. We take pride in being committed to ethical behavior and will not tolerate any deviations from this standard.”***

The managers of a New York bar have been fired after their female bartender had to wear an insulting T-shirt. The woman was instructed by her bosses at the American Legion Post in Mount Kisco, which is north of Manhattan, to put on a shirt that said “I Lie and Cheat” as part of some midweek karaoke night entertainment for customers. Her mother told local media she was humiliated when she saw pictures on Facebook and went straight to the police.

Now let’s see what happened next!

Employees are not allowed to sing off key or wear offensive shirts such as “I lie and cheat” amongst others but there were no complaints from any employees about this particular incident with respect to those standards.

The bartender did not bring up her complaints to management about the shirt, but instead waited for a customer to complain and then reported it back at that time. The managers have been terminated as of today when we attempted to contact them for comment on this story. We are working with other employees in order to ensure they feel safe while at work moving forward by providing regular feedback sessions among staff members and being sure their voices will be heard if there is another instance like this one again.

– midhudson news – 11-09-2017 16:27:00 EST

A woman who was forced by her supervisor from an American Legion Post in Mount Kisco, New York bar has filed criminal charges against the two male supervisors claiming she was forced to wear a shirt that read “I lie and cheat” when the bar’s managers were trying to make her boyfriend jealous.

– midhudson news – 11-09-2017 16:27:00 EST

In an interview with ABC News, Kimberly Wall has said that on November 14th 2017 before work started, one of the American Legion Post supervisors told her they needed to find a way for her date to break up with her because it had been five months since their last breakup and he wanted him back in his life. The two male supervisors then found a T-shirt which says “I Lie And Cheat” along with some other writing on it so Ms.Wall would have something embarrassing to wear during this week’s bar outing.

– midhudson news – 11-09-2017 16:27:00 EST

The supervisor then had Ms.Wall put on the shirt and even took a picture of her wearing it to send to her boyfriend as well, she said in an interview with ABC News.”It was humiliating,” said Kimberly Wall who has been working at this particular American Legion Post for about nine months according to their Facebook page. The managers were fired after the incident began being shared over social media but not before they posted “I Lie And Cheat” onto their own sign out front which is now causing more outrage from people throughout MidHudson Valley.

Ms.Wall explained how one of these supervisors said he wanted his

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