Kiss918 E-Wallet: Secure, Storage and Convenient

by Vinay Kumar

Kiss918 e-wallet is a convenient, secure and storage wallet solution for Kiss918 members. When you purchase an item with Kiss918 e-wallet, the money will be deducted from your account and put into the store’s account immediately. If something goes wrong with the transaction or there are any discrepancies in billing information, then it can be cancelled before it is processed as well.

Please note that Kisses will only be available as long as the store has Kisses in stock, which means if they sell out of these items you won’t be able to use them for payment until more are put on sale. Make sure to keep track of your spending by using the app and checking the card balance on a regular basis at any Kissed kiosk or ATM machine. You’ll need your account number and PIN number (these are secure!) when you want to check how much money you have left. If there’s an error with your purchase, then just head over to our customer service center and we’ll take care of it!

Kisses are only available at kiosks and ATMs. You’ll need an account number and PIN to use them for payment, so keep track of your spending by using the app on a regular basis or checking the card balance at any Kissed kiosk or ATM machine. If you want to know how much money is left in your account, go ahead and ask us – we’re here to take care of our customers!

Kisses can be used anywhere that accepts credit cards but they cannot be imported into other wallets such as Apple Pay; this means there’s no way for someone else to access your funds without also having their own Kisses wallet with valid security information like username (email address) and PIN.

Kisses are not a credit card so there is no interest on the money in your Kissed e-wallet account, but if you don’t spend it for at least three months then we’ll send out an alert to remind you about how much money is still available!

There’s only one disadvantage of using Kisses – if someone steals your phone or tablet with the app installed they will be able to access all your personal information as well as any Kisses stored within that wallet. That means you should always keep track of where your device is at night – and never forget where you left it during the day!

What We Offer: In order to combat fraud in our digital age, Kisses offers a range of security features.

A PIN code and username is required to activate your account which means no one else can access your Kissed wallet without the correct credentials.

Kisses are encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption, which is used by some of the most secure websites in the world (including US government agencies).

Your Kissé balance will be displayed on screen as you use it so there’s always an accurate record – that way even if you lose your phone or tablet we’ll know how much money was in your Kissed e-wallet when it occurred!

Funds stored in any other bank accounts linked with Kissés are completely separate from funds within a user’s Kissed e-wallet.

Kissés are protected by a PIN code, and the account can be locked with either two or three click locks as well as an email password protection.

The world’s most secure way to store money: Kissé is your personal cash management system that lets you transfer funds securely between accounts on any platform. You don’t need a bank for this!

Kisses offers the convenience of all our features in one place – there’s no need for multiple apps just so people can manage their finances better! Soon, we’ll be able to sync with every app out there (seriously!) and work towards becoming a universal financial hub. We’re getting closer everyday 🙂


Blockchain is a decentralised technology that can be used to store encrypted transactions in an immutable way. The result is security for both the buyer and seller, as well as transparency into what’s going on with your money at any time. Kiss918 is proud of our use of blockchain in developing our e-wallet system, which provides all these benefits for members while providing retailers with instant payment processing without using traditional credit card processors or banks. Have you tried out this amazing new form of digital currency yet? If not, it’s never too late!

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