Is there any benefit in playing World of Warcraft for kids?

by Radhe Gupta

Children’s games evolve with humanity. Even 50 years ago, it was impossible to drive children home after school, as they constantly came up with new entertaining games on the street, always found some kind of adventure and gave themselves bruises and bumps. The latter, by the way, was partly the reason why some parents today began (for the safety of the child, of course) to keep him in sight and did not let him out of the house after school. And with the advent of the computer, children eventually began to spend a lot of time at home, which upsets modern parents, who, under any pretext, are trying to make the child spend more time outdoors, or at least engage in some kind of activity. And who is guilty of children’s year-round seclusion? That’s right, computer games. However, few parents know how to properly integrate games into the lives of children and few who know the benefits of various computer games, which we will discuss in more detail today.

A modern parent should understand the educational potential of games, because recently there has been a gamification of education. I would like to immediately define the concepts and chronology. It is games from the beginning of human history that have been the education and development of the child, and the modern trend of entertaining learning is only a return to the natural human process of creating and transmitting experiences and impressions.

World of Warcraft is a multiplayer RPG game that can be played online in real time. There are various quests (tasks) that can be completed alone or in a group. In this game, you can buy or sell different weapons and items, own a resource (gold) and distribute it. You can upgrade different professions and create armor and equipment for yourself and for others. The strength of the character grows from increasing his level. The level grows by completing quests and improving in-game equipment. The game itself is paid, you need to buy it every update, you also need to pay monthly for playing time, playing time can be paid with in-game currency (gold). There are official sources where you can buy the cheapest WoW gold and continue your exciting game.

WoW has a large and exciting map with many continents. The graphics of the game are permanently updated depending on the changes of each addon.

What leadership skills does World of Warcraft develop?

World of Warcraft might be the go-to location for recruiters seeking for talent, as the game teaches players many valuable leadership qualities, which employers should be aware of. After all, this multiplayer role-playing game is a true “training ground” for today’s corporate executives. Players in World of Warcraft master seven basic skills:

1. Building a virtual team and collaboration

A raid leader needs his raid guild members as much as they need him. Members of the same guild are frequently not in the same room at the same time, and in many cases, they even live in different countries.

2. Management of several digital communication channels

Any raid member must be able to intelligently use at least two methods of communication with other players – in-game chat and VOIP voice chat (for example, Skype). At the same time, it is important to understand at any time which channel is more effective and use it.

3. Building a successful team

Raid leaders will not be able to complete a particular mission if they select the wrong team members. When choosing allies, you cannot rely on the fact that each of them will always be in the game – therefore, it is important that the skills of one player partially overlap the skills of others. In addition, leaders need to be able to motivate their allies, as well as correctly say that one of the guild members will not take part in the raid due to lack of skills or bad weapons.

4. Distribution of awards

Gamers go on raids, including in order to get trophies. At the same time, the task of distributing rewards among guild members often falls on the raid leader. In order not to lose strong players, the leader needs to establish transparent rules for the distribution of “loot”, which will be clear to everyone.

5. Constant risks and continuous self-improvement 

The only way to be successful is to try different options. Before the raid, the player looks at the statistics for all the games played and determines which strategy works best. After that, he explains to his allies how the guild will have to proceed this time. If any of the raid members is more experienced in a particular issue, he or she is allowed to take on part of the leader’s tasks.

6. Dynamism

Anytime, the leader of the raid must be aware of what is happening in the game and adjust the team’s tactics. The outcome of the raid largely depends on the leader’s ability to redistribute resources.

7. Transparency and accountability

Each player makes a contribution to the team’s success. And if someone conducted a raid inefficiently, the task of the raid leader is to take the necessary measures.

Hide-and-seek, dice, wrestling, making toys from slingshots to whistles, board games – have developed and are developing key, applied skills necessary in human life in nature, logic and action strategy, instill a love for action, creative creation, mathematical miscalculation of moves in backgammon or chess, spatial thinking in hide and seek. The main educational feature of the game is the modeling of situations and processes that release the energy of cognition and personal, conscious experience of actions, albeit in the management of virtual objects.

But today, without digital games, the development of a child will take place naturally, but will lose the qualities of the information society in creative flexibility, which has created tools for game modeling of situations and conditions, instant information exchange.

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