How to Stay Active As a Senior

by Ethan More

A retirement lifestyle is a dream come true for you. You can travel the world, spend time with grandchildren, and pursue hobbies and passions you love. Active living is one of the best ways to manage your well-being as your body matures. Here are some ways to get started mentally and physically if you want to live a vital, fulfilling lifestyle during your later years.

Learn Something New

Have you always wanted to pick up a second language but didn’t have the time? There is always an upside to learning something new, and there is no better time than after you retire. Learning a new skill will keep your mind healthy and sharp. For instance, check online for a language app that can teach you Spanish or find a local teacher who caters to teaching seniors how to play piano. Whatever you decide, getting your mind working will give you a sense of achievement and strengthen your brain.

Eat a Healthy Diet                                                                     

Your level of activity and independence is affected by the foods you eat. As you age, your body has different nutritional requirements. Your metabolism slows down, and your body does not need as many calories but still needs the same amount of nutrients, if not more. Lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, fatty fish, legumes and whole grains are all part of a healthy diet. It might help to add vitamin and mineral supplements to support the balance of nutrients in your body.

Try Gardening

A fantastic way to ensure you get the right foods in your body is by eating fresh fruits and vegetables from your garden. You can create a small plot in your backyard to grow your favorites. Gardening is a great way to support flexibility and mobility and can be therapeutic. There is something special about getting your hands in the soil and getting a sense of responsibility for the plants you grow. In addition, when it is time to make a meal, you can get fresh ingredients that are readily available outside your door. 

Participate in a Senior Fitness Group

Find some social and physical activity near you by joining a local fitness club or group with classes dedicated to senior fitness. These groups cater to older adults’ physical activity, so you can select something that suits you. Meet once a week to take a group walk, exercise class, or find a swimming group at a nearby recreation center. Engaging in activities of this nature can be done on your own, but when you are with a group, you will get the bonus of socializing with others and even making a friend or two. It will also help you to stay motivated to continue physical exercise regularly.

Join the Senior Center

Almost every neighborhood or community has a local senior center. It is a great place to find fun physical activities like weekly dances, bingo, ice cream socials, and other events. If you feel like you need more social interaction and are feeling isolated, it is a great place to get back into the outside world again and meet new people. A senior center is also an excellent resource for assisting older adults in finding health and senior services locally. If becoming a member does not appeal to you, you can find similar activities at a senior living community that offers events to seniors in the area.

Volunteer for a Cause

When you are out of the workforce, it can feel isolating if you spend less time with others after being around so many for most of your life. If your work was the way you found socialization, try volunteering to give back to your community. It will allow you more options to get out and meet others while benefiting from contributing to a worthy cause. Volunteer at a local museum or teach children how to read in a local community center. 

Embrace and enjoy the many benefits of staying mentally and physically active as you age. You can indeed find some things that are just right for you. The possibilities are only limited to your imagination and what interests you.

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