How to edit an existing PDF?

by Ethan More

The portable format for documents (PDF) is the standard format used by professionals use across the world. The format is able to preserve the original formatting of documents in the event of sharing with other people. While PDF is necessary for streamlined communications and processes in business however, it is difficult to modify.

If you’re having issues editing your PDF, this article will help you understand options to facilitate editing. In addition, if you’d prefer to not be learning how to use an entirely different application then we’ll show you how to transform your PDF into an format that you are familiar with.

Utilizing Adobe Acrobat

It was the PDF file format that was developed by Adobe and Adobe, therefore it makes sense to switch on Adobe Acrobat apps when editing PDF documents. In order to use this method you’ll require the access of Adobe Document Cloud (DC). If your budget or company already has the Adobe subscription, it’s no problem . Simply open Acrobat then follow these instructions. If you’ve got a single PDF project that you want to modify You can sign up for with a trial version of Adobe DC and gain temporary access to the tools that you need without having to pay for long-term expenses.

Step 1 Step 1: Step 1: Adobe Acrobat, open the PDF file you want to edit. The contents should be displayed in the Acrobat window.

Step 2: Search for your edit PDF tool. It will be available in the toolbar on the right side. Click it to go into an interactive mode that lets you choose PDF-related content.

Step 3: Edit your document. Edit text, add annotations to the document, alter the size of components (use the object Tools here) And much more.

It’s important to note that Adobe offers mobile apps versions of the software if you have to work in a hurry. It’s an excellent options to print PDF documents.

Be aware that if you’re not afraid to pay for the capability of editing PDF files on a regular basis There are two choices for you: If you’re using Acrobat Standard DC that is available for Windows just, you’ll need spend $13 per month, with the option of an annual contract. You can also spend $13 monthly (also as an annual agreement) to purchase Acrobat Professional DC which is available for the both Windows or Mac. There’s also a free PDF viewer version with smaller capabilities, however it’s a good option if you’re interested in looking at and signing PDF files rather than editing it.

Alternative apps

Third-party applications offer a range of PDF editing tools that are quick and easy in addition in place of Adobe Acrobat. They’re generally free and available for download using your web browser.

While they aren’t as extensive as Adobe’s offerings, they’re the ideal choice for simple edits or changes that aren’t as complicated as other software that is more reliable.


If you want to transfer PDF pages into more complicated documents that are more complex, then PDFsam is the tool you require. It’s an extract tool can be used to remove and switch around the PDF pages of the same file or between multiple PDF files to create the document you need. It is possible to split PDFs using size, bookmarks, or a the page limit you have set, and rotate pages as needed.

PDFsam’s layout is easy and simple to comprehend for those who are new to the software. It focuses primarily in moving content within the PDFs. This is helpful when creating larger documents and generating quick PDF emails for outgoing use. It’s not ideal however, should you wish to go into the depths of changing the colors, adjust spelling and resolution issues, fix spelling mistakes and more. There’s an upgraded version of the program that includes additional editing capabilities by paying an annual fee with its high-quality PDF service. However, this version is more difficult and may take longer to master for those who are new to the software. If you’re interested only in merging a number of PDFs take a look at the top software to merge.

PDF Exchange

This Free download includes the PDF-Xchange Editor that provides many options for what you can do with PDF pages — with certain ways, it’s more comprehensive that Adobe Acrobat. In the free version you can adding annotations, audio comments, change bookmarks, modify or add hyperlinks, and much more. The paid version has options like moving and deleting pages, and converting 15 image formats into PDF, and adding or importing pages from PDF files of other formats.

In other words, you can probably find the right tool to exactly like word para pdf that you want to PDF file.. The downside is that it might take a while to learn and locate precisely what you need, especially when first using the software. It is also worth noting that the free download version will add a watermark to any PDF pages you edit using the software.

Sejda online PDF editor

If you’re not interested in installing a specific software to edit PDFs online editors like Sejda are ideal. It lets you edit existing text within PDF as well as digital signing, cutting-out by adding shapes and images as well as adding annotations to the text.

There are a few limitations to the service, like it can only allow 200 pages that can be edited and the ability to handle PDFs that are larger than 50MB in size. If you’re looking for more features however you can subscribe to subscriptions which allow unlimited pages and expand the size of PDF files and also provide accessibility to the application for desktops.

Converting PDF files

The final option is in the event that you’re not comfortable with PDFs or have to perform lots of work that doesn’t require learning new applications. Convert the PDF to another format and use a software which is more comfortable or better suited to your requirements. The easiest method to accomplish this is to use the word processing software you are already using for word processing, be it Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Although this is a good way to accomplish the task however, the problem is that the conversion of PDFs can be a bit erratic especially with the basic word processing applications. Things like fonts, markups and formatting can vary.

It is recommended to start with a PDF converter, such as Able2Extract Pro 16 that lets you convert PDFs to Word, PowerPoint, AutoCAD as well as Excel formats, in addition to other options. It also lets you convert to PDF when you’re completed — which is a more secure process than the initial conversion process.

If you are planning to convert PDFs, no matter what it is, you may want to stick to Adobe Acrobat. Adobe lets you convert PDFs into Word, Excel, or PowerPoint within Acrobat. If you can, we’d suggest this method over other options because Adobe’s format conversion can be more precise than other methods.


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