How To Choose the Best Products For Your Hair

by Ethan More

What does your hair look like? If it’s lacking shine, seems too dry or too oily, or just doesn’t feel right, it may be because you aren’t using the right products. Different types of hair have different needs and there is no one-size-fits-all solution for hair care. Learning how to choose the best products for your hair is essential if you want to restore its beauty.

Learn Your Hair Type

Learning what type of hair you have is the key to finding the right products to restore your healthy hair. There are four things to consider.

  • Appearance – Is your hair straight, wavy, or curly? If it’s curly, are they loose, tight, or a variety of the two? 
  • Structure – Rub a piece of your hair between your fingers. If you don’t feel anything, it’s fine. If the hair is thin but you can feel it, it’s medium. A feeling of thick hair between your fingers means it’s coarse.
  • Porosity – This is its ability to absorb moisture. If it takes a long time to dry without a dryer, it has low porosity. Hair with balanced porosity is easy to maintain and usually bouncy. High-porosity hair dries quickly and has trouble retaining moisture.
  • Scalp Moisture – If your scalp is itchy, it’s likely due to dryness. An oily scalp leaves your hair feeling greasy. A balanced one feels neither dry nor oily. 

Understand the Different Types of Products

With so many different products on the market, it’s hard to know where to start. Understanding each one’s purpose will help you determine which ones meet your needs. Gel is a common product and is used to keep your hair in place. When applied to wet hair, it keeps hair looking shiny as well as in place.

Cream is another common product. These add extra shine and provide you with some control, although not as much as gel. These are excellent if your hair is thick, coarse, or curly.

If you want a hairstyle that definitely won’t move while you do, go with a wax product. Waxes are excellent for both messy and structured styles and allow for detailed styles. 

Pomades are usually water-based to make them easy to distribute and easy to wash out when you’re done with the day’s style. The soft texture provides definition and smoothness for your hair and works best for thick hair.

If you want hair that appears thicker, try a mousse product. Mousse uses polymers that surround the hair shafts and create a fuller look while adding hold to your hairstyle.

Finally, serums and glosses have a slick feel that helps to create shine and softness while reducing frizz. Be careful not to use too much, though, or your hair could look greasy. 

Special Situations To Consider

Everybody is different and some people have special situations to consider when it comes to choosing the right products for their hair. 

Colored hair and blonde hair have different needs, for example. Colored hair is often very porous and weak due to the constant use of dye. The products you use should be specially designed for hair that has been chemically treated, which helps to protect the hair and return health to it. If you have blonde hair, stick to shampoos, conditioners, and hair makes made specifically for blondes to ensure you keep your hair bright and beautiful. 

Dandruff is another common problem that requires specialized products. Choose a dandruff shampoo to help combat the problem, making sure to massage it well into the scalp and let it sit for a few minutes before you rinse. Alternate dandruff-specific products with those for sensitive scalps, leave-in conditioners, and anti-dandruff masks for the best results. 

Learning which products to use is as easy as understanding your hair type, knowing what different products do, and taking special circumstances into consideration. Switch to the right products now and you may see a considerable difference in how healthy you hair looks and feels in just a few weeks.

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