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How to Choose Best PDF Editor in 2022

by Radhe Gupta

When most people think of important tools in the workplace, they might think of laptops, iPhones, or fax machines (for us old folks), but one of the most overlooked yet critical utilities in the office is a PDF editor. The reason for this is that one of the most important aspects of work is documentation. We all fill out forms, sign contracts, and send emails. For these things, we all need to have some form of document. In the business world, the most common and professional way to document your work in the long term is the PDF. Since PDFs are so ubiquitous globally, it gives businesses a chance to work with other partners, clients, and associates without having to constantly use different file types. Since PDFs are so widely used, the PDF editor then becomes an important tool. But why exactly are PDFs so critical and what do they do, and which ones are the best?

PDF editors have been around for a while and are used worldwide. The reason for this is that they are in almost all ways more versatile than a typical word processing file such as a Microsoft Word document. In addition to this, PDF editors allow you to do many things with your PDF file. The first and most obvious would be the ability to edit documents but there is a wide range of tools that you can use. You can use a PDF editor to create PDFs for your businesses. This could be in the form of contracts, invoices, or even invitations to a company birthday party for your friend in HR. The use of PDF editors is only really limited to your creativity. With many tools available, combined with global usage, it is no wonder that PDF editors are one of the essential tools in an office. The only issues are really which one to choose and how to decide which are best.

What additional features can be found in new PDF editors

All PDF editors come with certain tools and features, and PDF editors are often introducing new features and tools to help attract users. Some of these tools are very common amongst PDF editors though not necessarily industry standards. One of these useful tools is the convert PDF tool. The convert PDF tool allows you to convert a document into a PDF. This is useful since you might be working with a wide range of different document types. 

Having the convert tool means that you won’t be limited in terms of file types when working on a PDF either in the office or at home. Another great tool is the merge/split PDF tool. This tool allows you to either merge two or more PDFs together or split a PDF into separate parts. Both are excellent tools when you are trying to organize your documents and manage your PDFs. In addition to these, there is also the compress PDF tool. Sometimes it will happen that you will have to send a very large PDF document, but it will be too large to send by email. This is where the compress PDF tool comes in. It can compress the size of the PDF so that you can send it. These are not all of the tools that you can use but some of the major ones. Tools are a great way to evaluate a PDF, but what are some other ways?

What to look for when choosing a PDF editor

As we can see, PDF editors offer a lot of tools, and it is not surprising that when choosing an online PDF editor, one of the first things we should consider is what tools it offers. Most PDF editors will offer some similar basic tools, but their effectiveness can vary along with other utilities that might be offered alongside those tools. The most important thing to consider when looking at tools though is what you need them for. So, think about which tools you need, and you will have a better idea of what you need.

Aside from the cost, one of the other considerations for selecting a PDF editor is the cost. Some PDF editors are free, and some have high costs. These wide-ranging costs can make it difficult to decide, but while free ones often come with drawbacks (there is always a cost somewhere) more established PDF editors can offer more if you are in a business environment.

Top 3 Best PDF Editors in 2022

There are many outstanding PDF editors for you to choose from but there are some major industry standard-setting options to consider. One of these is Lumin PDF. Lumin PDF is a top-of-the-line tool to edit PDFs. It has a reasonable price tag and offers a wide array of tools. Besides the typical tools that you might need, it is Lumin PDF’s compatibility with Google Drive. This makes Lumin a great and effective PDF editor.

Adobe Acrobat is a widely known and widely used online PDF editor. Adobe Acrobat has probably more tools than almost any other PDF editor, but while it is a great PDF editor, it does come with a cost. The good news is that for businesses this might not be a major issue. For the private user, it might be an encumbrance though.

PDFelement is another popular PDF editor. PDFelement’s best feature is its smooth and easy-to-use interface which is great for first-time users. This puts it in contrast with Adobe Acrobat which might have a steeper learning curve for many new PDF users. In addition to its pleasant to look at user interface, it does come with many of the tools you might expect from a PDF editor.

Although these are not all of the online PDF editors to choose from, they are some of the better options available to you. Having the right tools to document your work is not only a great asset but an essential aspect of being successful in the workplace. If you do your homework and understand your needs, you will know which PDF editor is best for you and your business.

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