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How Homeowner’s in Sydney Can Deal With an Aging Main Water Line

by Radhe Gupta

Statistics show Sydney has around 1.8 million private homes with an average of 2 to 3 people in a household. That’s not surprising at all because this capital of NSW Territory is the most populous city in the Land Down Under. In addition, Sydney’s numerous suburbs offer good employment opportunities, access to healthcare, wonderful school districts, and more. 

As a homeowner in this bustling town, one of the things you may worry about is home maintenance. After all, nothing lasts forever, including pipes that go through a lot of wear and tear. So after years of use, your pipes and fixtures will need replacement. And this may include your plumbing’s primary artery, which is the main water line. Thankfully, you can seek the services of a pipe relining company in Sydney to address any problem. 

Why Does This Matter For Homeowners?

Your main water line is buried underground. It connects your home’s plumbing system to the municipal water supply. Since you cannot see it, you may not know vital information like:

  • Age 
  • Length
  • Location 
  • Material of pipe

However, all these nuggets of information come in handy to determine how many years of usage your pipes have left. In the olden days, plumbers had no choice but to dig massive trenches to inspect and replace buried pipes. Now, thanks to innovation, a pipe relining company in Sydney can fix your main water line without digging or making a huge mess. 

What is at Stake When the Main Water Line Acts Up?

Everything that you do, from washing clothes to showering, hinges on your main water line. When this primary source encounters an issue, it will affect all the features and water-based appliances in your home. For example, it will be impossible to enjoy running water until you get a replacement if this line is broken. 

The longevity of this mainline depends on many factors like age, water hardness, and the external ground environment. But when damage occurs, it will be very disruptive and costly. First, however, it would be helpful to consult a professional to prevent any escalations. The smart approach for this, especially if you have an older home, is to schedule a camera inspection to check your mainline. Ideally, you should do this every two years to ensure that any threats can be nipped in the bud. 

What Can Damage Your Mainline? 

You may assume that this main pipeline is protected as it is buried underground. However, your pipes still face threats from both inside and outside. From the interiors, your pipe can face mineral and sediment build-up. As a result, the pipe diameter becomes narrow, and the water pressure eventually becomes inconsistent. On top of that, corrosion or rust formation can form on metal pipes with years of water flow.

Meanwhile, the pipeline’s exterior is also subject to tree root ingress. These roots creep towards the pipe as they seek a moist environment. When the roots breach your pipes, it can block the water flow, create cracks, and cause the pipes to collapse. Moreover, if someone digs in your garden and accidentally hits a water line, the shovel can do a lot of damage. 

What Can You Do to Preserve Your Main Water Line?

You can come up with the best decision after consulting with your plumber. For example, if you have an outdated plumbing system with iron or lead, you can consider a complete piping replacement. Meanwhile, the plumber may recommend routine pipe cleaning to prevent an escalation if you face tree root invasion or sedimentation. 

If you still have very healthy pipes with just a few cracks, pipe relining is a good option that won’t require any digging. Instead, thanks to camera inspections, the plumber can identify the problematic areas. From there, an epoxy resin liner will be inserted and cured in place to solve the issue. For best results, find an expert local plumber to help you maintain your home’s main water line, assess its condition, and do the necessary repair. 

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