Hiring a reputed local seo agency in Singapore

by Radhe Gupta

Increasingly people in Singapore are accessing the internet through their smartphone. If they are planning to purchase or use any service or product they will often search for a local supplier using their smartphone. While most buyers will spend some time researching sellers for high value items like home appliances or vehicles, for low value items they are looking for the nearest supplier. The buyer often does not wish to waste time and money traveling to the seller’s shop, so he is willing to purchase the item from the local seller, even if the seller does not have many reviews. Hence it is important for businesses, especially small businesses to rank well in search engine results for keywords related to their business.

Search engines

While small businesses often are investing some money in online marketing to increase the number of leads and orders which are being generated, they do not realize the importance of search engine optimization (seo) for improving the ranking of the business, especially business websites in the search results. Search engines are realizing that their users are often looking for local suppliers, so when the user will search for a particular product or service, they will list the local businesses with information like distance, number of reviews and ratings. Since most businesses do not have the in-house expertise for seo, it is advisable to hire a recognized local seo in singapore. Some information which will help in finding a suitable local seo are discussed in detail.

References and customer list

Most small businesses are dealing with other local businesses, so asking their vendors, customers whether they are using any seo agency for online marketing, can be a good source of information about the local seo agencies. The advantages of using this method is that the reviews of seo agencies are more likely to be honest, especially from long term business partners. Though there is some scope for manipulation online reviews are also a quick and convenient way to find a reputed agency specializing in local seo. SEO agencies which are well established are likely to have a larger number of reviews online for their local seo services compared to newer seo agencies, though the fees charged by the older seo agencies may be higher.

Scope of services

Another major consideration while selecting a specific seo agency for local seo is the scope of the services they will provide. Typically the seo agency will ensure that the business is listed in Google My business, other search engines and the website is also optimized to include relevant content. Since the search engine user will often type his location while searching for a service provider or product seller, the business should ensure that the seo agency will include the names of all the areas in Singapore, landmarks, roads and other major geographical information. It is also advisable to check whether the seo agency offers any guarantee on results, whether the business will be in the top few search engine results for local search for relevant keywords. Agencies which guarantee a top ranking are likely to charge more.

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