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Here Are Factors That Contribute to Paternity Test Costs

by Radhe Gupta

You’ve decided to get results on that paternity issue that’s been bothering you for months. Good for you. Perhaps one of the most important things you want to know about DNA testing is the cost. The truth is, there is no direct answer to give because paternity test cost varies by a host of different factors.

Learn more about paternity tests cost factors below:

1)Number of People to Be Tested

DNA paternity testing provides the answers you want and need. Therefore, there are no limitations regarding the number of participants to be tested at a single test. Testing can be as simple as testing a father and child. It can progress to include special relationships that compare the child’s DNA with those of other potential blood relatives on the paternal side, such as grandparents, step-siblings, aunties, uncles, and so on.

2) Reasons for Testing

The results from a DNA test are essential. They often hold the key in determining court cases surrounding paternity questions. However, not all paternity test results are admissible as evidence in courts; only a paternity test carried out at DNA testing centers are. So, before you take a test, you need to know the purpose of the results and how this affects cost- whether you can go with a low-cost at home test or the more expensive choice of going to a testing center.

3) Related Additional Costs

For some people, the DNA results confirm paternity, but in other cases, it doesn’t stop at that the results are pieces of evidence. For instance, a potential father could want to see a DNA test before signing the child’s birth certificate. So, since home paternity test results are just for your peace of mind and for those involved, this DNA paternity test cost is usually more affordable than other alternatives like going to a testing center.

4) Type of Paternity Test

So you’ve settled on a paternity test to determine the biological father of the child in question. The next step is to choose whether you will carry out the test at home or at the DNA testing center. You can decide to do home paternity testing; all you need is to order the test kits online, do the test, and then mail the samples and expect results.

On the other hand, testing at a DNA testing center requires you to be physically present, give your samples and then go home to wait for your results. Typically, you will receive a call for both kinds of testing to inform you that your results are ready and already mailed to you, usually 3-5 days after the sample collection.

How Do These Two Methods of DNA Testing Compare in Terms of Cost? 

Usually, a paternity test cost should be lower when done at home than at the testing center because it is pretty straightforward; no transport costs to the center, and you do it yourself.

Know Your DNA Paternity Costs

There is no doubt that DNA paternity testing is essential for everybody involved. You understandably want to expedite the process but pause and think about the paternity test cost for a minute. As discussed above, you really want to know the purpose of the DNA paternity cost to make the correct decision.

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