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Get Help for Opioid Addiction at a Vermont Drug Rehab near You before it’s Too Late

by Radhe Gupta

Drug addiction can ruin homes, and on many occasions, the addict is never able to return to his original life. But, if you want to avoid this, seek help before it’s too late.

If you find that your spouse has signs of opioid addiction, it can be unnerving and depressing. It is likely to leave you confused, angry, and hurt. All these feelings will naturally make you overwhelmed, but there’s really no time to waste on these. 

You need to act now; so, where do you start? You have to find a drug rehab near you. If you are in Vermont State, it means searching for one here that is close by. 

You have to believe that this addiction can be treated and recovery will happen. Make an effort to research bout treatment options at a drug rehab in Vermont that has a good track record.

Know more about the signs of opioid addiction to get help in time

Opioid addiction isn’t something unheard of. It’s quite common because painkillers are prescribed by medical professionals for treating a variety of pain-related conditions. So, you will find fentanyl, oxycodone, methadone, or morphine being given for treating pains.

But, when the patient develops an obsessive urge to use these opioids, it can become a problem. Opioids are known to be addictive unless controlled, and patients often continue taking these even when the treatment doesn’t demand it.

Things can come to a stand when the patient finds it hard to continue with his life without using these drugs. This is when his personal and professional lives can get disrupted. 

How can opioid addiction be treated?

Opioids wreak havoc with our brain chemicals. Once a person gets dependent on using opioids and quits suddenly, withdrawal symptoms set in. These can be manifested as anxiety, diarrhea, or even muscle cramps.

If you find symptoms getting out of control, don’t hesitate to call a drug addiction hotline for immediate help. When a crisis happens, patients are usually taken into hospital emergency rooms.

To get the right treatment in time, it is best to check your loved one into a reputed drug detox center in Vermont near your home. Detox facilities may offer both inpatient and outpatient treatment services.

Most programs take the help of medicines to help addicts transition from a stage of opioid dependence. Methadone is usually given together with counseling to help the patient during withdrawal. 

Buprenorphine relieves cravings and can be given as an injection every month or as a daily dose orally. These drugs activate opioid receptors which suppress cravings. Naltrexone is different as it blocks the sedative effects of these drugs. This can be given only when the patient’s body is free of opioids.

But treatment for any addiction can be tricky because the chances of relapse are very high. Along with medicines, you have to make sure your spouse attends counseling sessions routinely. These are important to change attitudes towards drug use, identify triggers and cope with these, and develop healthy life skills.

A good detox center in Vermont will offer individual counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, and motivational enhancement therapy to continue with treatment plans. Contingency management gives addicts incentives to induce positive behaviors. Your spouse may have to attend group counseling sessions too while you have to appear for family counseling to help him stay off opioids.

So, reach out to a detox facility before it’s too late; addictions can be completely cured if addressed on time.

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