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For the Love of Entertainment: Why Do We Love Watching Movies So Much?

by Radhe Gupta

When it comes to entertainment, there is nothing like that magical feeling of getting lost inside a film. Regardless of your favorite genre, there is something compelling about sitting down to watch a fantastic movie with great actors, remarkable scenes, and an engaging storyline. Whether you are watching the latest movie at the theaters or cozying up on the couch to watch your favorite film you’ve seen hundreds of times, there is something extraordinary about the overall movie experience. Movies have been around for decades, but why do we love watching movies so much?

Everyone Loves Movies

Watching movies is not just a hobby shared by a small group of people. According to USA Today, the average person will watch more than 5,000 movies in their lifetime. From helping us relax, spend time with family, and even escape our realities, here are all the reasons why everyone loves movies. 

An Understandable Form Of Art

While art comes in all shapes and sizes, not everyone can relate to or appreciate paintings, fashion, or photography. Movies, on the other hand, are an art form that almost everyone can relate to and enjoy. From comedies to thrillers, horror films, drama, and children’s movies, there is something out there for everyone. Whether it is a sad scene or a hilarious skit, movies are an art form that has the ability to deeply touch our emotions and profoundly affect our lives. 

Can Be A Shared Experience

Of course, you can watch a movie on your own but watching them with friends, family, or your significant other is truly a remarkable experience. From talking about the situation in a specific scene to laughing at jokes and sharing emotions, watching a movie with others is a great way to bond and spend quality time together. 

A Way To Escape

It is no secret that life can bring on a plethora of struggles and stresses that can be hard to deal with. However, movies provide a way to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Whether you had a hard day at work or school, sitting down with a good snack and a good movie can be just what you need to ease your anxieties and relax. Whether you love action movies, documentaries, or science-fiction, movies provide a necessary distraction from real life. 

Movies Can Help You Put Things Into Perspective

Not only will movies help you escape for a bit, but they can even help you put things into perspective. If you are going through any trials or tribulations in your life, a movie will allow your brain to relax and let the solutions to your problems come naturally. 

Movies Can Teach You About Life

One of the best things about movies is the lessons that they teach. Whether it is learning lessons like never giving up from Rocky or not being scared to be yourself like Wall E, movies can provide valuable lessons that you can carry with you throughout life. In addition, documentaries can teach you important information and expand your sense of wonder and curiosity. 

A Fantastic Hobby

Last but not least, watching movies is a rewarding and fulfilling hobby to partake in. In addition, it is easy to do. At the same time, watching movies is a wonderful hobby that you can share with friends, family, and strangers alike. The more movies you watch, the more you will fall in love with the plot, the characters, and the overall movie experience. 

How To Watch Movies

Luckily, with today’s technologically driven world, watching movies is easier than ever. With streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu, you will never run out of films to watch. If you want even more access, consider jailbreaking a firestick to watch an unlimited amount of movies

Appreciate Movies 

There are many different reasons why people love movies. From escaping reality to the emotional roller coaster they provide, watching movies is a form of art that everyone can enjoy.

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