Different types of party dresses

by Radhe Gupta

When it comes to selecting an outfit for a night out, the possibilities are limitless. It can be a daunting attempt to handle the decisions on one’s own because those outfits flatter different body shapes, temperature, and occasions. It is a one-stop-shop with all kinds of party dresses for every reason. 

  1. Midi dresses: The midi dress, which sits somewhere between a maxi and a mini dress, is one of the different kinds of party dresses and it is perfect for when one is unsure how formal an event would be. This style can be made for either neckline or sleeve length, making it suitable for all body types. Throw on stockings and ankle boots for a great winter look, or a pair of sandals and a chic straw hat for a casual picnic!
  2. Off-shoulder: In an off-the-shoulder outfit, take the chance and bare the shoulders. These dresses show off the shoulders while keeping the biceps covered with a sleeve or ruffle. The off-shoulder style is ideal for women who want to show off their shoulders and arms without committing to a strapless look.
  3. Shift dress: The shift dress, which has a flat, boxy appearance, was a massive trend in the early 1960s. It’s a sleeveless, short dress that falls from the hips. It’s best for those with a lean, column-like body structure because it makes them look upright. Wear it with a mid-length duster jacket and a pair of shoe or even knee-high footwear for an authentic 1960s vibe. This form is perfect for colour blocking or print detail since it’s a blank canvas.
  4. Mini dress: As model Jean Shrimpton wore in 1965, a mini shift dress to the Melbourne Cup, revealing her bare legs to the press, the controversy erupted. Petite dresses are much more mini and less scandalous these days, and they’re a perfect way to draw attention and show off the pins! This dress is ideal for someone who likes to draw attention to their legs and turn heads! 
  5. Maxi dress: Spend the day relaxing at the beach or by the pool in this easy maxi dress. Although this style is ideal for a more relaxed environment, the fabric reaches the floor, giving the appearance of being dressed up. Add sandals and long-hanging jewellery to the mix for the ultimate lazy outfit, and everybody would wish they were as trendy and comfortable as users are.
  6. Wrap dress: Wrapping one side of the clothing over the other and tying the lining at the waist or back creates a front closure. This style, which has been seen on the likes of Kate Middleton, has a classic silhouette ideal for athletic body types. It gives the appearance of an hourglass figure even though people don’t have one naturally.
  7. Halter dress: In the season, a halter dress is perfect. Or a belt about the waist and a strapless or sleeveless top part. Some halter necks have lace around the collar instead of a bow. This style of dress is ideal for those who choose to flaunt their broad shoulders.
  8. Peplum dress: A peplum dress is ideal for those who enjoy a more playful look. Above the waist, under the bust, one can find the detail at the hips or around the neck or shoulders. The peplum shape’s fit and flares silhouette date back to Greek antiquity. Swap those flats for a pair of hot heels for a day-to-night look that adds height to the body, making the legs look extra long and the waist look nipped in and low.

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