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Choosing the Right Lifting System for Your Loading Projects

by Vinay Kumar

Lifting platforms are widely used today. Almost all construction, shipping, and transportation industries require powerful lifting equipment for transferring heavy materials. The successful completion of a job depends on the right equipment. 

Fortunately, there are loading platforms in Sydney that you can hire for construction projects. You can rent different sizes of loading equipment, depending on the function.   Here are some tips that you can use when choosing a loading system for hire for your next industrial project.

1.Load Weight

The weight of the load that needs to be lifted should be the first thing to consider when looking for the right equipment. You would want to hire one that can move materials around safely. Using a heavy-duty loading platform for lifting small loads is a waste of time, while using a low-capacity one for heavy lifting may lead to fatal accidents and damage to your project.

The materials to be lifted also matters. Do you need several items to be lifted at once (e.g., sacks of cement, concrete blocks, etc.) on multi-storey constructions? Then, you need a platform system that can accommodate that. Many loading platforms in Sydney based services provide these loading capabilities for better handling materials, particularly in constructing multi-storey buildings.

2.Height of the Lifting

The height of the lift is as important as the weight load. The length of the crane’s boom relies on how high the loaded materials need to be lifted. Moreover, you need to consider the weather condition, particularly how windy an area can get. The higher the lift, the more sway it gets from the wind. The Calculation of counterweight must also be considered according to the height and weight of the items to be lifted. A tower crane is the most common option for higher lift heights.

3.Logistics Site

See the areas where you will install the loading platforms. Inform the logistic manager if there is any potential danger or any other lifting equipment where the platform is assigned. For safety purposes, do not install your platform where other lifts are. You can use your hired loading platform once the area that needs working is clear from other loading equipment.

4.Training of Your Staff

Make sure that your workers can properly use the loading platform. They need to be trained on how to use them properly and safely. They also need to know the correct maintenance of the equipment. If the platform is poorly maintained during the project’s duration, it might lead to rusting, which affects its durability.

5.Access to the Site

Is your project site accessible for the equipment you want to use? You would want to ensure that you can drive and drop the platform on the site safely. 

Unfortunately, not all project sites have access roads that can fit a large crane. You need to find ways if the road to the project site is limited. You can also look for retractable loading platforms for easy transport to and from your project location.

The right type of equipment can make or break any construction project. But hopefully, with these helpful tips, it becomes easier for you to choose the right equipment to hire for your next construction project. 

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