by Radhe Gupta

With more people realising the benefit of probiotics, the demand for them is increasing day by day. With the entry of many popular brands like Life Space Probiotics, people are increasingly becoming aware of the need for probiotics and the benefits they can bestow on our bodies.

Since the web is already full of many well-researched articles on the importance and benefits of probiotics, there is no point in talking about this further.

So, this article focuses on the lesser-known but interesting fact about probiotics.

. Probiotics are omnipresent in the human body.

“Probiotics for Gut Health and Immunity” is an idea everyone must have come across at least once in their life if probiotics are something that piques their interest. Even reputable brands like Life Space Probiotics focus on this health benefit.

But it is a lesser-known fact that probiotics reside in the entire human body. The maximum concentration is found in the gut, but they live in other places like the lungs, mouth, oesophagus, vagina, armpits, and even in toenails.

. The number of probiotics is greater than the number of cells.

The ratio between the number of cells and probiotics in our body is 1:10. Thus, for every one cell in our body, are ten probiotic bacteria. So it isn’t far-fetched to say that probiotics can make or break you.

. The weight of probiotics is close to the weight of the liver.

The largest organ in our body, the liver, weighs 4 lbs, while probiotics in a healthy human body are around 3.5 lbs. Thus, it isn’t wrong to call the system of probiotics the second largest organ of the human body.

Organs such as the brain and heart weigh much less than this.

. A secret medicine found in all cultures

Every culture of the world has a drink or food that has been incorporated into the diet to increase the number of probiotic bacteria in the human body. Fermented milk products were used in many cultures, even during prehistoric times. Evidence of these has been found even in one of the versions of the Old Testament.

Nowadays, food and drinks like Kimchi, tempeh, kefir, kombucha, and curd are used in different parts of the world as health drinks to boost probiotics.

. The first shot of probiotics from vaginal birth

A mother’s vagina will be lined with probiotics to ward off unhealthy bacteria and other microbes from entering the body. So, when a baby is in the body, it gets its first shot of probiotics from the vaginal itself. 

More probiotics are obtained when the baby consumes breast milk. A healthy mother’s milk is full of probiotics, and hence this will naturally make the baby a healthier child.

. Probiotics for a healthier vagina

A healthy vagina will have enough probiotics to keep it safe from bacteria and other microbes, causing vaginosis and vaginitis. Taking probiotic supplements is a great way to cure these diseases. This also effectively reduces the fishy odour vagina found in some women and also helps maintain the Ph balance of the vagina

. Appendix nurtures the probiotics

The appendix is an organ that is considered an unwanted organ that causes trouble by causing appendicitis. But in research conducted in 2007, it was found that the appendix acts as an incubator for the probiotic bacteria and that the appendix releases targeted probiotics to counter-attack pathogens that enter the body.

. The more diverse the probiotics in the body, the healthier the person

Probiotics are not just a single set of bacteria. There are 400 different strains of probiotics in a healthy body, and hence a slight fluctuation in these levels can have undesirable effects on the human body. Hence, it is important to keep the diversity of these good microbes, and consuming prebiotics is a good way to maintain this diversity.

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