Six Sigma

6 Ways Six Sigma Can Help a Business Grow

by Radhe Gupta

In a highly competitive world like today, the space for growth is in limits not everyone can touch! When modern problems require modern solutions, problem-solving at higher degrees is in demand! When wondering what could be the reason behind the success of several global companies, they utterly got formulas that work! On the flip side, most enterprises fail at a point where their operation costs overrule their efficiency! But if there’s an explanation to this, it could be mastering lean six sigma, a combination of lean and six sigma! A certification in it is the best way to work as a leader, assisting the growth of operational efficiency of the business! 

Using concepts from the phenomenons, a streamlined operation at the minimum dissipation can help prioritise profit goals in time intervals. But is there a joint strategy between the two concepts? Yes, there is. Like lean, six sigma also has visions on error elimination and ending up saving dissipation costs. In simple words, mastering such concepts can aid anyone to identify the groundless steps involved! As a result, one can also learn to eliminate them yet seamlessly carry over the process. In the end, the business saves resources and labour. This, in turn, cuts down extra expenses and turns them into profit numbers!

Pros of Being a Certified Lean Six Sigma Expert

Getting employees trained or a leader themselves mastering six sigma can cause various outweighing positive impressions to the business! Here is a list of must-know benefits,

1. Defining Problems Is Now Easy!

A working business is never devoid of problems and potential risks, but addressing the concerns in the right way is what matters! Ultimately, customers are the object and defining their problems and requirements in a streamlined process with designated teams becomes easy! It, in turn, will map the efforts required to deliver the best demand! 

2. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

It precisely helps in achieving customer satisfaction through improved quality, meeting deadlines and enhanced productivity. With a simple adage of Happy customers equal to forever customers, there are affirmed profit margins in the long run! 

3. Compressed Work Expenses

One prominent outcome of learning lean six sigma is developing the ability to deal with numbers and reducing operational expenses. For instance, in the manufacturing industry, recognising that one step that indeed does not take to the product can be of so much sustenance! After pointing it out, it is easy to cut down on the costs, labour and raw materials wasted. 

4. Doing Away With Reworks

Further, reworks and revisions can eat up additional bucks. And so, lean and six sigma phenomena teach meta-skills dealing with nipping at the bud! As a result, either they avert flaws or resolve them at the earliest and clear out all possible costs!

5. A Better Leader Today

Lean and six sigma pose business growth and building leadership abilities simultaneously. It’s because only an exceptional leader can help the business touch heights! After such certification, one learns to identify, analyse and improve flaws in the current system one after the other! Additionally, they can also constantly monitor the performance towards weekly, monthly and yearly goals! 

6. Problem-Solving in Teams

An infrastructure that gets hold of the best team players and critical thinkers can help promote novel improvements to work beforehand! Therefore, initiatives from every employee in a team can build an effective bottom-line thereby, boosting productivity! 

 Six sigma could be of the best use in building a strategic marketing team for an enterprise. By doing so, they can shine among their competitors with increased sales, customers and, of course, gains!

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