6 Munchies That Go Well With Weed

by Aryan Dev

Nutrition is the basis of vital functioning and governs immune abilities. If you consume the right foods, you are less likely to experience ailments. While following a strict diet and regimen, you need to include some cheat days as well. Not only will it help you get rid of the cravings, but it also motivates you to eat healthier. If you’re a pothead who likes to take a few puffs now and then, the delicious munchies maybe your best companion. Some weed-suitable munchies that you must try are pizzas, ice-creams, and chocolates. 

Here are the healthy and finger-licking munchies to pair with your weed sessions.

1. Pizza

One of the best companions for all the stoners out there is the cheese-loaded pizza. After your smoke-up sessions, you are likely to feel hungry and in need of some energy. That’s when the diverse pizzas come to your rescue with appetizing qualities. Also, the varieties of toppings, bases, and sizes suit your taste buds quite well. It contains high levels of nutrients along with some feel-good chemicals like glutamate. With such a massive range of choices, you are likely to end up trying out different pizzas during your stoner sessions.

Get your cheese-loaded munchies ready and make the most of the light-up times. But, make sure to check on the calories you consume as it may affect your fitness goals. 

2. Ice-Creams

Another delicious snack that is likely to enhance your weed sessions is the diverse flavors of ice creams. From the tangy essence of orange to the sweetish indulgence of blueberries, you can try it all. It fulfills your hunger pangs and heightens the euphoric sensations. With the chilled, creamy, and delightful snack, you can beat the sudden cravings in no time. Or, maybe pair it up with the cheesy pizzas to get rid of hunger in one go. Either way, the snack is one of the best weed munchies available out there. 

What adds to the appeal is the availability of versatile flavors that suit almost every palate. Some exotic ice-cream flavors to try are kiwi, blueberry, and black-current ones. While trying out the CBD Genesis delta 8 thc flower, a big bowl of ice-cream can be the best accompaniment.

3. Brownies


There’s no doubt on the fact that chocolate brownies are a stoner’s paradise when it comes to silencing the cravings. But did you know the diverse flavors other than chocolate may taste better with your weed? Some authentic and savory brownie flavors that pair well during smoke-ups are walnut, caramel, and peanut butter. You can add a few drops of CBD tincture to enhance the high and tasting notes along with this. 

Get your hands on the ready-made brownies, or prepare the weed munchies on your own using minimal ingredients. The baked munchies’ intoxicating aroma coupled with the bitter sweetish taste satiated the taste buds within seconds. Also, you can try the different types of brownies like cheesecake, mint, and fudgy delights for maximum variation. 

4. Potato Chips 

When you feel like munching on some salty snacks, crunchy potato chips can be of great help. While the post-weed cravings can be quite versatile, the salty essence adds more satiety. You can try out the different flavors of potato chips to counter the hunger pangs and feel energized. Also, it works quite well with one of your favorite beverages like mocktails or some strong coffee. While fetching the perfect variety of chips, you can go for the sizzling jalapeno or tangy barbecue flavors. Grab the potato chips on your smoke-up sessions to keep the appetite under control. 

5. Chocolates 

Here’s the snack that increases your brain activity and releases happiness hormones in just one bite. You may grab some chocolates to curb the post-weed cravings and beat the hunger. Also, try to get your hands on the different varieties, like milk chocolate or dark chocolate. It acts on your brain and interacts with anandamide receptors to curb pain and make you feel good. Hence, the munchies are likely to enhance your weed sessions and provide mental stability. Some options to choose from are nutty, caramel, or tart-like flavors for diversity and authentic taste. 

6. Fried Chicken


Chicken tastes delightful in any form, be it the crispy variants or the ones with some gravy. But, you must try out the fried chicken wings while enjoying the weed with your stoner buddies. It adds more aroma to the atmosphere and curbs the sudden hunger in a few bites. Also, you may try out the burgers or rolls containing fried chicken if you’re way too hungry. The munchies are quite suitable for every type of stoner who likes to try versatile after-weed snacks. Not only will it satiate your cravings, but it also provides both the crunchy as well as smooth consistency in one go.

Final Verdict

Stoners wish to try the different cannabis strains that incorporate a variety of sensations. From the calming effects of harlequin to the energizing euphoria of kush, you must try it all. Along with these strains, you need some variety in your weed munchies as well. Make sure to get your hands on the different post-weed snacks like chocolates, chips, and pizzas. Or, maybe grab some chicken wings to silence the after-weed hunger in one go. Prepare the munchies beforehand for a flavorful and savory joint session with your potheads. Don’t forget to incorporate more diversity and try out different flavors of the same munchies.

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