5 Apex Legends tips to help you win as a solo

by Radhe Gupta

Apex Legends is a hero-based, team-based battle royale. In this game, 60 players drop down onto the same map, fight and loot up until there stands just one team. Yes, it is an old and challenging world out there, and we are here to share our top tips so that you consistently win more matches and fights.

With the update of Chaos Theory, Apex Legends is taking a move towards an ideal solo mode. The update will thus add an option of no-fill which means players will drop without squad in trios lobbies and regular duos. We are all set to share some baseline tips to win solo in the Apex Legends game with all this in mind. Keep reading!

1.  Flank carefully and loot quickly

 In Apex Legends, the broad flanks are high-risk but dynamic. As long as there is enough cover and distance, the enemy will not be able to lunge at any one of you after a split. Ensure that you maintain the sightline with the allies if you flank.

Besides, we recommend never staying still when you are looting and looting as fast as you can. Trust the initial scan of items inside a death box instead of wasting time lingering. As per the top Apex Legends Cheats, you have to be firm with your loot time and not return to have a second look.

2.  Maintain presence even when you are injured

Most players push real hard when they score good hits on enemies. If you have been struck, do everything to maintain your presence. When you do that, the enemy cannot push you any further. 

Sometimes, the best thing is to continue fighting and risk getting banged. That is because breaking an enemy’s Shields can save your squad and freeze their push. Have a look at some of the healing and health items to note healing things you need to use in certain situations. 

3.  Drop early and late into the arena

Dropping early may be the safest approach, but as a beginner, a lot can be done. You will get more practice on thinking rapidly with your feet and the gunplay. Besides, you will also get an opportunity to grab the best weapons and armor faster.

Alternatively, if you desire to have a slower start to make the most looting in peace, then pick a remote section on the map. This path should be away from the dropship. As you can infer from these tips, Apex Legends is a game that demands fast movement and quick reaction speeds. In these instances, you don’t want your PC to betray you. As such, for the best FPS and gameplay, the MVP allows you to build your own gaming PC which is the best option both in terms of providing you with the best performance and price as well.

4.  Learn to roam and hound while maintaining good positions during fights

Snowballing from the very start is pivotal to win Apex matches. After your initial loot, continue to play aggressively. Earn skills to improve your confidence and move on as quickly as you can. Olympus, for instance, is a good map for hunting and roaming. But, before you work on any map, you have to have a firm grasp of the rotation options and the sought-after locations.

When you have learned how to roam and hunt, you have to also learn about maintaining a good position during fights. That is because a good place can bring you victory. So, we recommend keeping a good vantage point on the enemies, keep several choices for a rock-solid cover, and maintain a “retreat and recover” route if things go haywire.

By any chance, if any of the above goes wrong, you will lose your best position. Legends like Wraith, Pathfinder, Octane, Horizon, and Valkyrie will take leadership with their team-repositioning capabilities.

5.  Practice in the Arena mode

Apex Legends Season (brought in an all-new permanent mode which exists with the Battle Royale Mode. This Arena mode is 3v3 based and drops players directly into the fight over and over again. Thus, this significant step makes you learn to fight and also how to survive.


If you are playing solo Apex Legends, then you have to play dirty from the outset. Remember that this game is anything but fair; you will also have to act as a ruthless opportunist. Depending on the legend of your choice, you can play aggressively in inventive ways. So, play well and climb the level of ranks. I hope you liked our blog, and if there is anything you would like us to share, let us know in the comments.

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